Ignite CWNA Course Interest

Introducing Ignite CWNA course where you’ll learn about wireless technologies to help you pass the CWNP Certified Wireless Network Associate (CWNA) exam. In this course we're planning to include:

- Over 5 modules of videos
- Real-world examples to complement learning
- Practice exams
- Private Slack channel
- Virtual office hours

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    François Vergès and Rowell Dionicio

    Certified Wireless Network Experts with experience in Wi-Fi projects in complex environments.

    Who are we?

    François Vergès, CWNE #180, is a wireless network engineer in Canada. Rowell Dionicio, CWNE #210, is a wireless network engineer in the United States. Both run their own wireless consulting companies and perform Wi-Fi site surveys in warehouses, open office, and more.

    What will you learn?

    We are your instructors to help you become CWNA certified. With our collective knowledge and experience, we will provide on-demand lessons aimed towards each of the objectives of the CWNA exam. We'll make it as interactive as possible with real-world examples tied to each concept. The course material is targeted for the latest CWNA exam, CWNA-108.